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Communication books I recommend.

"Communication Chemistry: 25 Essential Elements to Make You a Compelling Communicator", Joan Boneberg, Speakwell Books, 2010

"Simply Speaking: The No Sweat Way to Prepare and Deliver Presentations", David Greenberg, CSP, www.simplyspeaking.com

"How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint: 60 Simple Ways to Keep Your Audiences Riveted", David Greenberg, CSP, www.simplyspeaking.com

"Listening with Empathy", John Selby, Hampton Roads, 2007

"Presentation Zen", Second Edition, Garr Reynolds, Peach Pit Press, 2012

"What Every Body is Saying", Joe Navarro, Collins Living, 2008

"Turn Small Talk Into Big Deals", Don Gabor, McGraw Hill, 2009

"The Definitive Book on Body Language", Allan & Barbara Pease, Bantam, 2004

"The Zen of Listening", Rebecca Z. Shafir, Quest Books, 2007

"10 Simple Secrets of the World's Greatest Business Communicators", Carmine Gallo, SourceBooks, Inc., 2006



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"The relationship is the communication bridge between people."

Alfred Kadushin, PhD., Social Worker Pioneer