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Include What?


You've thought long and hard about your 2013 business plan. You have included goals to increase sales, your client base, revenue and profits. However, have you considered including a business communications goal which is essential for your success?

Since the reason for composing a business plan is to increase productivity and revenue, it would be remiss if a resolution to improve business communications was not included. Since communications, e.g. improving your listening, increasing your understanding of body language and using it effectively, polishing your presentation skills etcetera, are the foundations of success, it's vital to become a skillful communicator.

The first step to become a skillful communicator is to be willing to increase your communications knowledge. Additionally, it is important to have awareness of your own communication style as well as learn strategies and techniques to improve. A small improvement can result in significant benefits.

There are many resources to increase communication knowledge. These resources include the internet, books, attending communication workshops or seminars as well as seeking coaching from a communications specialist.

No matter how good we think we are as communicators, there is always room to improve. Even, Tiger Woods has a coach.


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"Consider what a potentially powerful tool your communication can be to your success; you just have to work at it."

Joan M. Boneberg