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Today's business environment is probably the most complex and challenging it has ever been. Professionals can provide themselves with a powerful competitive edge by being a compelling, effective and authentic communicator.

Addressing the areas of skillful public speaking, "elevator" speeches, body language, speaking clarity, interviewing skills, business writing, and accent reduction will increase your professional growth, improve your business relationships as well as your "bottom line".

Speech Improvement Resources' communication coaching includes:

Interviewing Skills

In today's very competitive job market, one needs to have every advantage over other candidates. The foundation of successful interviewing is the ability to communicate clearly and concisely in an skillful manner. Learning to be effective in the areas of immersion listening®, body language, pronunciation and spoken communication, are vital for your job search success.

Immersion Listening®

Immersion listening® is a style that uses appropriate eye contact, affirmative body language and facial expressions while receiving others messages fully with empathy and without judgment. Immersion listening is a deep, empathic listening style that is foundational for building trusted client, colleague relationships and improved productivity.

Public Speaking

Many marketing and speaking opportunities await you at industry conferences as well as community and professional organizations. However, your ability and confidience to speak to groups are required for success. These skills can be learned and improved. Possessing the confidence, through coaching, to take advantage of these opportunities will increase your visibility as a subject matter expert. 

Body Language

   Your ability to use aligned  pausing, gestures, facial expressions, vocal volume, tone and intonation makes an individual's communication significantly more effective. Skillful nonverbal communications will improve your public speaking, negotiating, as well as client proposals.

Effective Networking

Effective networking is vital for business development and growth. The ability to engage effectively with others is the beginning of creating trusted business relationships. Networking coaching focuses on essential strategies and techniques will assist professionals to become skillful, polished and confident networkers.

Presentation Skills

Your ability to be confident and comfortable delivering presentations effectively is vital. Communication coaching will assist you in composing engaging and concise content, using effective body language and vocal variety that enables you to deliver compelling messages. These skills are essential for successful client proposals, public speaking opportunies and team meetings.


We all have experienced long and uninteresting PowerPoint presentations that seem to go on forever. Frequently, PowerPoint is misused which can destroy your message and the audience's attention. PowerPoint coaching focuses on composing and using this visual aid to effectively communicate your message.

Accent Reduction

If you are a speaker of English as a second language, the ability of the listener to receive your message can be difficult. In the business world, misunderstandings can negatively impact client and colleague relationships, productivity as well as revenue. Accent reduction services are offered to make your speech more understandable and you a more confident speaker of English without eliminating your accent.

Author Image Development

As an author, your ability to skillfully communicate your book's message at signings, festivals, speaking engagements and during media interviews is vital. Your non-verbal and spoken communications are vital. Author Image Development coaching provides you strategies and techniques to be the polished communicator you need for your audiences to be compelled to purchase your book. for more information you may visit www.booklogix.com.  

Corporate Training

Businesses are dependent on it's staff to communicate the company's message and brand effectively to ensure success. The employees are, in essence, the face of the company. Without each staff member's ability to communicate their company's message using skillful non-verbal, spoken and written communications, to potential and existing clients, productivity and revenue is likely suffer. 


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